Aspiring Artist of The Week

Aspiring Artist of The Week: Kareem Williams

Name: Kareem Williams
Age: 19
Year of College: 2
Major: Engineering
Specialty: Art

Interested you in art:
“Watching brother draw dragon ball Z characters in grade 3, then began drawing and imitating.”

Did art in high school: “Yes.”
BGCSE Art grade: A

Influential Artist: “Allan P. Wallace”

Favorite Area of Art: Realism
Favorite Medium: Charcoal and Acrylic

Has art become every aspect of your life? 

“Yes, most, because i look for the art affiliation in everyday life involuntarily.”

Favorite art piece & Artist: 

“Not yet.”

Why isn’t art your major? 

“I Don’t want to live off of it full time, too much pressure my art endurance isn’t that high. “

Something that one has to constantly remind self about in creating art pieces?: 

“To not constantly touch up pieces and stress on details, because I get to the point I take too long to complete a project, because it takes the fun out of art.”

Art pet peeve: 

“Procrastination. I personally take too long and have difficulty expressing thoughts onto paper/canvas due to lack of training. Also, due to architectural background, I am too precise about details, but manage to have fun.”

Favorite color: “Lime Green and Grey”

Advice for other artist: “just do it”
“Think about future plans, pick a style, learn about it, take advantage of resources and put in work.”

Extra info/Quotes:

“Serve God. And surround yourself with positive influence.”
“Get dirty…. With art.”
“I’m in the process of painting my art legs.”

-La’Dea Gem Roberts

(Gallery Trainee)