‘ARTway’ to open August 17  

Andrew Knowles, the young talented artist who continues to pursue his skills, is preparing for his second exhibition at Doongalik Studios that will focus on his experimentations with oil portraits, an art form he has worked with for the past 4 years, either in commissioned works or by painting well known Bahamian and international personalities.

Not content to merely render a realist likeness from a photograph of his subject onto canvas, Knowles has added to the style by incorporating abstraction, or waterscapes or landscaped backgrounds into the pieces. He will also display four works in the exhibition which will demonstrate the various developmental layers involved in his portrait process which he has described as ‘the artway/ the elevated way/ the money way’.

Since his last showing entitled ‘Bahasquiat” in 2015 at Doongalik, Knowles, who spent the majority of his early years in the Elizabeth Estates children’s home, has transitioned into his own living space and now has a job. However, he continues to rely on his talents as an artist, and is using this exhibition as a fundraiser to assist him with his recurring expenses, as well as to share part proceeds with the children’s home, knowing from personal experience about the essential services it provides.

The Exhibition will be on display until Thursday, August 24.