By Katrina Cartwright

The NAGB presents new School-based Education Programming

There is always something fun and engaging to do at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas and to give the public even more ways to interact with us, the NAGB’s Education team is rolling out new and updated programming just for students and teachers. We have revamped our school tours to give school groups an even more memorable experience and are excited to introduce three new initiatives: “Art with Ms. Abby,” “The Makings of a Master with Antonius Roberts” and teaching seminars.

Our school tours are designed to stimulate curiosity, reinforce and augment curriculum-based learning, engage students in critical dialogue about art and bridge subjects so that students can experience the work in its entirety – as a visual expression of historical, mythical, political, social, spiritual and personal narratives.

Under three guided themes, students will be led on a fun, informative tour of the Permanent Exhibition with our experienced tour guides. They will explore techniques utilized by artists in the creation of their work, connect written literary skills with visual narratives in artwork and analyze and discuss concepts and ideas present in the work. While we focus primarily on the Permanent Exhibition for our school tours, the other three galleries can be included on request – of course this will extend the time of the tour, but with something different and amazing to see in every room, students will never be bored!

Booking a tour is easy. Just visit the NAGB’s website, go to “For Teachers” then fill out the registration form under the “School Tours” section. Once the form is submitted our education staff will contact you within 48 hours (2 business days).

Our student options continue with “Art with Ms. Abby” a new education initiative that brings the NAGB to you. “Art with Ms. Abby” are fun and dynamic classroom based workshops designed to provide multimedia lessons that correspond to subjects you are covering in your classroom. Broader topics, including Bahamian culture, art history and even science, are introduced using interactive discussions and activities that allow students in your class to take a piece of their NAGB outreach experience home with them. The “Art with Ms. Abby” experience is available every Wednesday (with the exception of holidays).

The “Makings of a Master” is designed to guide students in senior high school through the process of creating a portfolio that can be included in application submissions to an art programme at a college or university of their choice. Antonius Roberts, educator and master artist, is partnering with the NAGB to bring this exciting programme to schools in New Providence, giving them the opportunity to engage with one of the country’s best.

Mr. Roberts is not only an artist, he is also an art professional, putting him in a superior position to discuss the ins and outs of what it takes to successfully engage world class tertiary institutions as well as discuss the multiple routes one can take in the “Orange Economy.” Not every creative person has to be a maker.

Every Wednesday (with the exception of holidays) between the hours of 10 am – 2 pm, Mr. Roberts is dedicating his time to: 1) critiquing current student work; 2) conducting mini courses in drawing from observation; and 3) facilitating question-answer sessions with students and teachers regarding the process of creating art and ultimately becoming an artist or art professional.

Appointments must be made in advance. The entire experience is FREE to all schools with students in grades 10 to 13. To request this and an “Art with Ms. Abby” experience (also free), go to the NAGB’s website at

While there are lots of new opportunities for students to engage with the NAGB, we have also designed teaching seminars that are just for teachers! These quarterly seminars are an opportunity for educators in Nassau and beyond to experience the very best in innovative arts education. They are completely free for teachers, and explore how art can not only be taught as a subject but also be used as a tool or resource when unpacking other subjects, like history, language arts, science and even math! Our first seminar will be held in March 24th, 2018. To learn more and to register email [email protected].

To keep up-to-date with new and ongoing programming at the NAGB visit our website regularly and follow us on social media. With our diverse programming and accessible opening hours, there is something for everyone at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas!