Silicon Valley African Film Festival: Africa Through the African Lens

The Bahamas Artist Movement (BAM) will coordinate the official response to the Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF) 2018. This includes the gathering of talent, product, films and sponsorship required to meet the festival requirements. BAM will see to it that the Caribbean is well represented at the festival via curated films, submitted by participating island nations of the Caribbean. The Bahamas will also present films at the festival, alongside a performance, an educational presentation and public relations.

As part of the event, they will be accepting submissions for the festival! 

“It’s our time

The Bahamas has been selected by the Silicon Valley African Film Festival, as it’s Caribbean Spotlight for the year of 2018. This selection does our country a great honor, as we will have an opportunity to both tell our story and present our nation’s culture to the world, with the support of Silicon Valley, and Africa.

This event and events like it will continue to inspire our Caribbean youth to reach for the sun, landing amongst the stars. The Bahamas is a young Nation, with much of it’s success owed to it’s region and it’s  geography. The Caribbean as an energy and as a people, spill over our Bahamian customs for decades, shaping our Bahamian way of life. Caribbean neighbours large and small such as (but not limited to) Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago have all traded influence on the archipelago in various ways, from food to labour to music to craft! It is a natural and hospitable response to the Silicon Valley African Film Festival’s invitation, to bring and host media from our greatest influence – The Caribbean region.”

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