NAGB Team Member Favourite Artwork – Lavar Munroe’s “The Migrant”

NAGB team member Katrina Cartwright shared an interesting assessment about a delightful work of art currently on display at your favorite museum. Stay tuned for more posts and activities!!

Lavar Munroe’s “The Migrant” is a digital print created in 2008 that portrays a spindle-legged, knock-kneed nomad carrying his home on his back. While initially appearing comical, the tone of work is quite serious and closer inspection shows the less defined illustrations in the background depicting a hanged figure and ramshackle homes. It speaks to an ongoing global and national crisis where countless people have been and continue to be displaced because of war, famine, natural disasters and economic collapse. Using a dark, Tim Burtonesque humour, Munroe spotlights this crisis, a crisis that is on our doorstep and that has, in the past few months, brought out the best and worst in all of us.