Upcoming Exhibition: Lynn Parotti’s “Inherit the Earth”

Originally scheduled to open April 16th, 2020, Lynn Parotti’s upcoming exhibition will launch when the NAGB reopens. Stay tuned for more details around this amazing new body of work!

Has the Age of the Human begun? You know, the Anthropocene: that geological epoch where humankind has irrevocably altered the environment and its ecosystems beyond repair triggering an uncertain future for our coral reefs, our rivers and lands, and beginning mass extinction of biodiversity? Have we polluted our land and waters, stripped them of their resources, altered their habitats to such a degree that we are now at the tipping point? Our global reproduction rate continues to exponentially expand whilst the earth’s resources to sustain it diminishes. As a direct result of the effects of global warming, we have too much water in places and not enough in others. Drought, flooding, dissipating aquifers, sea-level rise and extreme swings in temperatures and weather are now normal. All the while our relatively new microchip society relies more and more on new precious resources like lithium which has to be extracted, forging new opportunities or risks for countries who cling onto it.

“Inherit the Earth” proposes to delineate some of the time-sensitive reactions which we are experiencing today whilst highlighting the urgency of the matter through the frozen stills of these moments on oil-painted canvases. If memory were the vehicle for these episodes, then they would certainly be recent or maybe even current.