Upcoming Exhibition: “Floating Rib” curated by Natalie Willis

Originally scheduled to open April 16th, 2020, “Floating RIb” is an exhibition that will display dramatic works of art by creatively powerful women. Stay tuned for information around the new dates once the NAGB reopens!

NW_Coming Soon.jpg

“Floating Rib” is a look at the experience and practice of Black women of The Bahamas working in the diaspora, exploring roots, bodies and belonging, homecomings and goings.

In centering the practices of Black women of The Bahamas, this exhibition offers a moment to focus on the experience of Black Caribbean women negotiating their lives, identities, and creative practices elsewhere – and, often, between spaces. The concept of home offers both comfort and contention for the history of women: Home as the domestic, Home as a place of grounding, and Home as a place of origin and identity are all made even more complex through a Caribbean context. For many, Home is a thing to be carried. Through looking at the practice of women who are working or have worked in the diaspora, the artists in their own ways deal with the sense of being displaced physically and emotionally by the Bahamian and Caribbean spaces that they often don’t feel a sense of agency or ownership within. Floating Rib is a moment to appreciate the Black Feminine, Mobility, Identity, and Black body politics.

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