Artist of The Week: Interview with Allan P. Wallace

By L. Gem Roberts

Gallery Trainee

Name: Allan Wallace
Age: 34
Profession: Artist
Major: Art


Mural Art

What Interested You in Art?:

I was always doing it from I was small and watching uncle draw from age of 2 inspired me.

Did you do art in high school?:


BGCSE Art grade:

A (with distinction)



Influential Artist:

Antonius Roberts

Favorite Area of Art:


Favorite Medium:


Weakest area in art:

Patience to do things I have the ability to do. Patience in application.

Has art become every aspect of your life?

Yes, every.

Favorite art piece & Artist:

Persistence of Memory

Something that one has to constantly remind self about in creating art pieces:

That it is not me. You have discovered something, you have allowed it to happen through God. The Columbus of Art. “Let it be”

Art pet peeve:

When people try to eliminate the intelligence part out of art.

Art quote for myself and others:

Put God first and all things will be added.

Favorite Color:

Tan, shades of brown

Extra info:

I have no problem with critiquing but don’t like people who criticize for no reason. Can be discouraging to an aspiring artist.