Aspiring Artist Of the Week: Darvin Minus

Name: Darvin Minus
Age: 21
Major: Art
Specialty: Portraits and tattoo designs
Siblings: 1 Brother

What interested you in art?

“As a child it was God given talent and from there on was interested.”

Did you do art in high school?


BGCSE Art grade?


Previous high school?

C.R. Walker

Influential Artists?

Jamal Rolle, Darrel tank, JD Hillberry, Chuck Close, Calvin Oxford

Favorite Area of Art?


Favorite Medium?

Colored pencils

Weakest area in art?


Has art become apart every aspect of your life?


Favorite art piece & Artist:

JD Hillberry logo.

Darrel tank portrait

Calvin Oxford works

Darrel Tank pieces

What is one thing that you constantly have to remind yourself about when creating art pieces?

To focus and to have patience.

What has been your most inspirational moment in the last five years?

With Renbent Mortimer, I got to talk with him and he constructively criticized my art and allowed me to see what I need to work on. I also started to read a book by Joel Olsteen – Becoming a Better You.

Top movies of all time?



The Wood


Freedom Writers

The Notebook

Art Pet Peeve:

I don’t like creating art while persons are watching me or being surrounded by noise.

Most difficult area in portraits?


Art quote for self and others?

Discipline yourself and make a commitment.

Favorite Color?


Extra info:

I love culinary arts, visual arts, and poetry.

I’m very ambitious and my ultimate goal is to become successful in doing what I love.

I also want to become well known for my portraits and then my poetry.