Aspiring Artist of The Week: Kareem Williams

By Gem Roberts

Name: Kareem Williams
Age: 19
Year of College: 2
Major: Engineering
Specialty: Art

What interested you in art?

Watching my brother draw dragon ball Z characters in grade 3, then began drawing and imitating.

Did art in high school?


BGCSE Art grade?


Influential Artist?

Allan P. Wallace

Favorite Area of Art?


Favorite Medium?

Charcoal and Acrylic

Has art become every aspect of your life?

Yes, most, because i look for the art affiliation in everyday life involuntarily.

Favorite art piece & Artist?

None as yet.

Why isn’t art your major?

I don’t want to live off of it full time, too much pressure and my art endurance isn’t that high.

What’s one thing that you have to constantly remind yourself about when creating art pieces?

To not constantly touch up pieces and stress on details, because I get to the point I take too long to complete a project, because it takes the fun out of art.

Art pet peeve:

Procrastination. I personally take too long and have difficulty expressing thoughts onto paper/canvas due to lack of training. Also, due to architectural background, I am too precise about details, but manage to have fun.

Favorite color(s)?

Lime Green and Grey

Advice for other artists?

Just do it. Also, think about future plans, pick a style, learn about it, take advantage of resources and put in the work.

Extra info/Quotes:

Serve God. And surround yourself with positive influence.

Get dirty…. With art.

I’m in the process of painting my art legs.