Bahamian Outsider: Sneak Peek #2

We are one week away from the official exhibition opening of Amos Ferguson: Bahamian Outsider. In honour of our upcoming show, the NAGB team wants to share another some close-ups of pieces in the show AND and shots of actual paintings.

IMPORTANT: Once the show has opened, if you can match all of the close-ups with the actual pieces, you win special Amos Ferguson merchandise!

We now present Sneak Peek #2 (the first one was on FB!). We hope you enjoy!

Sneak Peek Close-Ups:

Remember, if you can give us the names of these piece, once the show has opened, you win Amos Ferguson merchandise!

Sneak Peek Paintings:

With over 200+ pieces and 30+ artists represented, Bahamian Outsider promises views of never-before-seen Amos Ferguson paintings and sculptures, and 2 smaller exhibitions that attempt to redefine the notion of the Bahamian landscape and Bahamian intuitive art.

Amos Ferguson: Bahamian Outsider opens Thursday, May 24th 2012 6:30PM to 8:30PM.