About our Community Development Officer

Since joining the NAGB in January 2017, Malika Pryor-Martin has only come to further appreciate the beauty and complexity of Bahamian culture and the amazing people who create it, deepening her passion for creative institutional work in The Bahamas. As lead for the Communications-Education Department (Comm-Ed), Malika heads education, outreach, membership, communications and development for the museum. She also serves as Deputy to Executive Director, Amanda Coulson. 

A native of Detroit, Malika received her Bachelor of Arts in African and African American Studies and Organisational Studies from the University of Michigan, and holds a Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School. Malika is an attorney by trade, practising for nearly three years in the areas of entertainment and domestic law in Atlanta, GA. However, she has spent the last decade professionally engaged in the nonprofit sector as an industry consultant and administrator, including holding tenure as the Director of Education and Programs at the Charles Wright Museum of African American of History in Detroit, Michigan. As a result of her work, Malika has considerable experience in fund development, specialising in grant procurement and corporate partnership.

She is also the founder and Chief Innovation Officer at M. Nicole Unlimited, a boutique experience curation firm that produces CurlyFest Bahamas.

Email Pryor-Martin at [email protected]