Chan Pratt “Inspiration” Art Exhibit

Creativity and artistic expression come to life at the 2019 Chan Pratt Inspiration art exhibit.

The legacy of master artist, Chan Pratt remains alive through the Chan Pratt Foundation’s annual art exhibition and cocktail reception.  The inaugural event of the year’s social scene brings together art lovers, collectors and socialites for a spectacular visual and auditory experience.

Dewitt Pratt, the Foundation’s President explains “We are pleased to celebrate another display of outstanding Bahamian talent at the Chan Pratt Art Inspiration.  This is our signature fundraiser for the Chan Pratt Endowed Scholarship that recognizes and financially supports deserving students at The University of The Bahamas.”  Pratt adds “As we preserve my father’s legacy through art and education, we are also excited to showcase exceptional Bahamian talent.  All of our guests can anticipate another exceptional display of creativity from young Bahamian creatives.”

The Foundation’s mission is to preserve and promote the legacy of Bahamian master artist, Chan Pratt. Additionally, it aims to empower and support young Bahamians, particularly young Bahamian artists, who strive to be productive and creative contributors to Bahamian society.  

The Chan Pratt Inspiration art exhibition and cocktail reception will be held on January 31, 2019 at Sapodilla Estates from 7pm until 10pm.  Tickets can be purchased at the NAGB or from the Chan Pratt Foundation.