“Coming Home” Exhibition By Alexia Roach Opens On Thursday, December 17 at Doongalik

Doongalik Studios will bring its year to a close with an exhibition of mixed media artwork by Alexia Roach entitled “Coming Home” which will open on Thursday, December 17 from 6-9pm.

The artist, who has come home for Christmas to mount the exhibition, made these statements about her newest works:

While I do not consider myself an existentialist by any means, my work does center on themes of coexistence which I express through the use of layering and gathering, both methodically and materially. Often times I find myself forcing contradictions of medium and theory to work together harmoniously, not only to bring about aesthetic cohesion, but also to make valid unlikely or unimaginable ideals, breaking the rules of convention to form my own utopia.
‘Coming Home’ is a parallel between the spiritual and earthly sanctums of family and familiarity, and wanting as a riposte. When my father passed away two years ago, I was moved to begin creating work that expressed facets of that experience. This new work has a strong sense of hopefulness. I’ve worked with bold colors and traditional mediums in the past, but I’m very excited to introduce these serene and other-worldly pieces. They’re very different from what I’ve done previously, which is fitting, really, because I’m such a different artist now, a different person.
This exhibition will help to assist with my college expenses. I currently attend the School of The Art Institute of Chicago’s (ranked as one of the top 3 art school in the U.S. by US News) MDes Fashion Body and Garment program under the tutelage of Nick Cave. The program offers many opportunities for students like myself, and it has been a great experience for me thus far.

Doongalik’s owner Pam Burnside, who also trained as a fashion designer, expressed her pleasure in hosting the exhibition since Alexia is one of her kindergarten students. “As a former teacher, it is extremely gratifying to know that your students are pursuing their dream, especially when it involves creativity. I feel very proud of Alexia’s success!”

The Exhibition will be on display until Wednesday, January 20, 2016. Gallery hours are Monday to Wednesday from 10am to 4pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. For more information you may contact the Gallery at 394-1886.