Community Programmes

The NAGB has an extensive public programme schedule, community and regional projects and partnerships, arts education workshops and a free public art library.

The NAGB’s community programmes take the museum outside of its walls and encourage people of all ages to interact with an important part of their culture — in their communities. The museum currently hosts two major community initiatives: the Inter-Island Travelling Exhibition (ITE) and its Mural Programme.

Inter-Island Travelling Exhibition (ITE)

The NAGB’s Education and Outreach Department, in collaboration with our Curatorial Department, created a travelling exhibition for our Family Islands. Each iteration of this initiative has been customised for each of the islands the exhibition has been taken to, as the infrastructure, economic development and culture of the islands continually present us with unique challenges and opportunities.

Mural Programme

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas’ Mural Programme is dedicated to fostering community collaborations and partnerships. It’s one of several NAGB outreach initiatives that focus on involving communities in the creation of art while increasing the organisation’s presence in communities in The Bahamas and fostering awareness and knowledge of the NAGB’s National Collection.

“I think it’s time for Bahamians to really understand the depth and complexity of their own history. Bahamian culture and identity may not be something that can be articulated in precise ways because it is a prismatic identity. It’s not singular, and we need to understand the complexity of that.”

— Dr. Erica M. James, Art Historian and Curator