Doongalik launches “Forever….Harl Taylor Limited” Line

Doongalik Studios is pleased to announce the launch of “Forever… Harl Taylor Limited’s” Harl Taylor BAG creations as a part of the art gallery’s offerings.  The collection includes exquisitely handcrafted Bahamian creations designed by the world renowned Harl Taylor, consisting of the Harl Taylor BAG (classic and embellished), fashion accessories, business and office creations, and unique home décor designs.

The late fashion designer, Bahamian born Harl Joseph Taylor (1970-2007) was a graduate of St. Augustine’s College (Nassau) and Palm Beach Junior College (North Palm Beach Campus). He attended the prestigious Parsons’ School of Design (Paris, France) where he interned with fashion giants, Karl Lagerfeld and Givenchy, and also worked as an assistant designer at The House of Rochas before returning home in 1998.

Photo of Harl Joseph Taylor and his mother, Beverly J.T. Taylor

Harl Taylor loved his birthplace and saw beauty in all things Bahamian. He created items that incorporated the natural resources and materials of The Bahamas, particularly Bahamian straw. His creative and artistic flair was unrivalled. A perfectionist with an unfailing eye for detail, his surprising mix of the luxurious with the simple and natural was breathtaking.  He experimented with colors and a variety of palm fronds and sisal to produce unusual straw textures and weaves, combining the use of straw, seashells, wood carvings, bamboo, faux tortoise, shell handles and other embellishments to create a unique product – his Harl Taylor BAG which has become an international status symbol of high fashion. In 2000, The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism awarded him the Cacique Award in Art and Craft for the valuable role he played in the resurgence of the Straw Craft Industry.  His Harl Taylor BAG has received numerous awards posthumously for their exceptional quality.   He often stated, “Each of my BAG creations has soul and passes through the hands of at least five persons from plant to product! EACH is an incomparable art piece; truly a Bahamian Treasure! ”

Harl Joseph Taylor’s legacy lives on through Forever… Harl Taylor Limited, the company which was established by his mother, Beverly J. T. Taylor in June 2008. “It was important for me to continue to keep Harl Joseph’s legacy alive through continuing to create his exquisite designs, as well as bringing his sketched designs to life!” stated Mrs. Taylor. “Each Harl Taylor creation is produced with a whole lot of love and I find happiness and satisfaction in this process. Harl Joseph insisted that the word ‘BAG’ should always be capitalized, because each creation is different and should be treated as such: a Bahamian Treasure—a family heirloom! He loved, respected and enjoyed his clients, giving each his special ‘Harl Taylor Treatment’! He considered each client to be an Ambassador of his creations, and I continue to do the same.”

The ‘Forever….Harl Taylor Limited’ display at Doongalik Studios

Pam Burnside, Doongalik owner added: “I sincerely thank Mrs Taylor for awarding Doongalik the privilege of carrying this amazing line, as I consider the Harl Taylor brand a form of Bahamian Art which the whole world can appreciate. In addition, as President of Creative Nassau, it is our mission is to celebrate and promote the Bahamian straw industry so that persons understand its important to our economic growth in the last century, and how crucial it is to revive this industry for our country’s development moving forward. It is indeed a national treasure, and a unique part of our traditional heritage that we can be proud of. We must claim it as our own and protect it fiercely!”

The gallery is open to the public on Monday to Wednesday from 10am to 4pm.

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