Elevating The Art Of Silversmithing An Experience At Exnihilo

NASSAU, NP, March 4, 2016

Exnihilo Art Center will host its first art workshop in Nassau on March 19 and 20, at the former home of E. Clement and Keva Bethel, located off Eastern Road.

Learn the art of Silversmithing is a workshop for hobbyists and arts enthusiasts at all levels –no experience necessary. In only six hours on Saturday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, or Sunday, 12 noon -6:00 pm, participants will design and complete four to six pieces of sterling silver jewelry which can be worn or given as gifts to friends and family.

Participants will work with an award winning silversmith in a fully equipped space to learn soldering, hammering, sawing and texturing techniques.

These basic silversmithing skills will act as prerequisites to future Exnihilo intermediate and advanced workshops and classes. Starting at $185 per person, the fee covers the instructor, equipment, snacks and all materials. Lunch will be available for purchase onsite from Seasonal Sunshine, but bag lunches are welcome.

According to Exnihilo partner Michael Edwards, the art center will host a series of craft-focused workshops in Nassau throughout the year. By highlighting crafts in this manner Exnihilo hopes to elevate the art forms to the same status as fine art.

“These workshops will help to engage the local community, raise awareness of Exnihilo and its offerings, and work to gain traction for the larger vision of establishing an international artist residency program,” says Edwards.

To learn more about Exnihilo Art Center go to http://www.exnihiloartcenter.com

To learn more or register for the Learn the art of Silversmithing workshop go to http://www.exnihiloartcenter.com/projects/nassaufacility/classes or email [email protected]

Exnihilo Art Center is a nonprofit organization focusing on the arts, environment, and cultural exchange. Exnihilo manages multiple projects and initiatives to support its mission in the U.S. and The Bahamas. Founded and managed by working artists, Exnihilo provides opportunities for established and emerging artists in the U.S.,The Bahamas and Caribbean.

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