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West and West Hill Streets
Nassau, N.P.
The Bahamas

(242) 328-5800

Bahamian art: Presenting. Uniting. Educating.


National Exhibition 6
to Apr 8

National Exhibition 6

Features from the NE6: Kingdom Come:

Artwork from 48 local artists.
Features 24 female artists as well as 24 male artists.
Artists were asked to respond to themes of the apocalypse.

View Pictures from the show: Here
Press Release: Here

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to Dec 15

Art Children of The Bahamas (ACB)

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas is proud to introduce its new Educational venture: Art Children of The Bahamas (ACB). This opportunity is granted to students in the Family Islands to showcase their artwork at the gallery and expose Nassauvians and the gallery’s international visitors to the artworks that are being created outside New Providence.

The Education Department’s goal is to highlight and promote the talent occurring throughout the breadth of The Bahamas and welcome Family Islanders participation inproducing artistic works for display, while mentoring their passion for the arts, in the talents of their young students. 

Thus, the first showcasing is a collection of photographs from the Haynes Library in Eleuthera, Bahamas that were done by students ages 10-15 years. 

If there are any other Family Island schools interested in showcasing their student body art work, please contact Ms. Benjamin at 328-5800/1 or email at

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to Oct 28

Amos Ferguson: Bahamian Outsider

Features from Amos Ferguson: Bahamian Outsider:

Exhibition features over 158 pieces by Amos Ferguson, over 30+ years.
Bahamian Outsider starts in the Ballroom and continues across the hall into the second floor of the Main Gallery.
Exhibition divided into 8 sections: Prayin, Tellin, Livin, Sailin, Bloomin, Wedin, Playin & the Red Room.
Text situated throughout the exhibition that explores Amos Ferguson’s artwork as compared to other famous and more celebrated 'fine' artists.

Fun Amos Ferguson facts: 

Ferguson painted on whatever he could find: cardboard, paper, cereal boxes, canvas and wood.
He painted every day.
Ferguson primarily small brushes and nails to paint with.
Ferguson worked exclusively with regular enamel house paint.
He always signed his paintings with "Paint By Amos Ferguson". 
Ferguson used nails to create his unique dotted effects. Example.
There are motifs and themes that Ferguson revisited often:

Religious Themes: Amos Ferguson was a very religious man and proudly stated that he read his Bible every day.
Flowers: Ferguson was fascinated with shapes and color.

Amos Ferguson Events: Here

Further Reading: Here

Pictures: Here

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to Apr 29

As We Knew Him: One Family's Tribute To Jackson Burnside, Boxing Day 2011

“Junkanoo is a celebration. Junkanoo represents the spirit of the Bahamian culture, and it is this spirit, once celebrated with the intensity of the parades in all other aspects of our culture, that will provide the leadership for our society in the future.”  - Jackson Burnside III, 2009.

Features from As We Knew Him: 

Exhibition contains 40+ Junkanoo costumes from the One Family group.
As We Knew Him explores Jackson Burnside's contribution to Junkanoo, Bahamian Art, Culture and Education.
Costumes came from 3 Shacks: Gaza, White House, and Dynasty.
Features rare paintings from the Burnside Family's personal collection.
Exhibition with 4 sections, Costumes, Paintings, Education and Inspiration.

Fun Jackson Burnside facts:

Burnside studied Architecture at a young age.
Considered himself an Educator, Junkanoo-er, and Artist.
Co-founded Doongalik Studios with his wife, Pamela Burnside.

As We Knew Him Events: Here
Curator's Essay on the Exhibition: Here
Further Reading: Here
Pictures:  Here

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