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The Bahamas

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Bahamian art: Presenting. Uniting. Educating.

Readings from Hillside House: Woman, in every which way.


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Readings from Hillside House: Woman, in every which way.

During the opening of the National Exhibition 8 at Hillside House on Saturday, December 17th, visitors will be treated to a presentation, performance and conversation between four of the NE8 participating artists: Angelique V. Nixon, Charlotte Henay, Researcher in Residence: Hilary Booker, and Yasmin Glinton. 

The event will focus on various themes including wellness and its capacity to render the return the spirit to neutral; this will be analysed through the creation of safe spaces, communities and or pulling back into the personal through moments of engagement with the self. Indigeneity and loss attributed to working in a space that dishonours history, along with the development of storytelling through the creation of mythologies will be explored.

Hilary Booker recently completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Studies with a focus on what intentional food practices and journeys of consciousness, spirituality and liberation in The Bahamas look like through Caribbean poetic and aesthetic lenses. She is a chef, farmer, artist, radical political philosopher, musician, poet, researcher, writer, scientist, explorer, and healer. In all of her theoretical and practical work, she seeks to bridge healing and liberation between the minds, bodies, and spirits of individuals, communities, and the planet. Her life is dedicated to bringing about a more peaceful and just world by exploring the intersections of healing modalities, consciousness/spirituality, and creative/aesthetic practice.

Yasmin Glinton was born in New Providence, The Bahamas. In 2007, she transferred from C.O.B to St. Thomas University, New Brunswick Canada. By 2010, Yasmin obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from St. Thomas University. She also won the Department of English Language and Literature Leadership Award during that year. She stayed on at St. Thomas and completed a Bachelor of Education. While in Canada, Yasmin has been featured in Brunswickan, a local newspaper produced by the University of New Brunswick. In August 2011, Yasmin returned to The Bahamas and was featured in Bahama Mama, the inaugural exhibition hosted by the Public Treasury Art Program, under the direction of Ms. Keisha Oliver.

Charlotte Henay is a mother, teacher, storyteller, and researcher. She works to counter extinction myths through story work, and relationships of imagining. Charlotte writes about cultural memory and grandmothers’ gardens, as an activist for Afro-Indigenous futurities. She has a background in critical race theory and being exiled. Her work has been published in Feral Feminisms; Decolonization, Indigeneity, Education and Society, and is forthcoming in a Demeter Press anthology, Mothers, and Daughters. Charlotte’s visual artwork has been shown at FAC: Toronto’s Feminist Art Conference, York University’s Crossroads Gallery and 416 Gallery for MIXEDArtTO. Charlotte has been a teacher, administrator and consultant in First Nations, mainstream and international education contexts, and co-founded Nusdeh Yoh, BC’s first Aboriginal Choice School. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Comparative Perspectives and Cultural Boundaries, at York University.

Angelique V. Nixon is a writer, artist, teacher, scholar, activist, and poet—born and raised in Nassau, The Bahamas. She identifies as an Afro-Caribbean woman, multi-racial Black, queer and sex-positive being, rooted in working-class struggle. Angelique earned her Ph.D. in English specializing in Caribbean literature, postcolonial studies, and women and gender studies at the University of Florida, and she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Africana Studies at New York University. She is the author of the poetry and art collection Saltwater Healing – A Myth Memoir and Poems (Poinciana Paper Press, 2013). Her scholarly book Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture (University of Press of Mississippi, 2015) won the Barbara T. Christian Literary Award for Best Book in the Humanities at the Caribbean Studies Association 2016 Conference. Her research, cultural criticism, and poetry have been published widely; and her artwork has been featured in several exhibitions. Angelique strives through her activism, writing, and art to disrupt silences, challenge systems of oppression, and carve spaces for resistance and desire. She is a Lecturer at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.