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NAGB presents LUX Scotland curated Film Series: One Turn of the Revolution


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NAGB presents LUX Scotland curated Film Series: One Turn of the Revolution

On Thursday, May 17th starting at 7 p.m. LUX Scotland in partnership with the British Council will present the first of four film programmes in our brand-spanning-new Fiona’s Theatre. 

Drawing inspiration from "We Suffer to Remain" the first screening named "One Turn of the Revolution" will showcase the seminal film by The Black Audio Film Collective "Handsworth Songs" and Barbadian-born, Glasgow-based artist Alberta Whittle’s experimental film "Sorry Not Sorry."

It will be the first time these important cultural and historically important films will be showcased in The Bahamas and possibly even in the Caribbean in a public forum. The event will start with a short conversation between Nicole Yip, director of LUX Scotland and curator of the programme, Dr Ian Bethell- Bennett, faculty at The University of The Bahamas and NAGB Chief Curator, Holly Bynoe followed by a Q+A. 

The film programme will begin at 8 p.m. The event is FREE and open to the public.


Traversing a deep history of transatlantic captivity, this four-part screening series places contemporary voices alongside more established positions in an attempt to map the pathology of colonisation and the subsequent consequences of decolonisation across generations. It examines forms of cultural transformation and deformation, politics of refusal and liberation, colonial legacies of exploitation and control, and the ongoing violence of these histories within both personal and collective experiences. The programmes feature work by artists including Ayo Akingbade, Ephraim Asili, Black Audio Film Collective, Helen Cammock, Louis Henderson, Isaac Julien, Ursula Mayer, Keith Piper, Camara Taylor, Alberta Whittle and others.

The project is curated by LUX Scotland Director Nicole Yip and is supported by the British Council.

Still from Black Audio Film Collective,  Handsworth Songs , 1986. Image courtesy of the artist and LUX.

Still from Black Audio Film Collective, Handsworth Songs, 1986. Image courtesy of the artist and LUX.

One Turn of the Revolution, will screen on May 17th, 2018 at 8pm and is conceived in solidarity with the current campaign on behalf of the citizens and children of the ‘Windrush generation’ of Caribbean migrants to the UK, who have not only been faced with the threat of deportation, but also been seized and imprisoned, stripped of their rights, outlawed and exiled, and treated like criminals in their own country. The Black Audio Film Collective’s seminal film essay Handsworth Songs (1986) brings into focus the brutal policing, racism and criminalisation faced by communities of black immigrants in 1980s Britain, many of whom arrived from the West Indies at the invitation of the British government to help rebuild the country after the devastation of the Second World War. It is important to resist the casual story that things may have ‘progressed’ since then – some 30 years later, Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ policy continues to scapegoat and persecute innocent people and blame immigrants for the ills of contemporary British society. Alberta Whittle’s video collage Sorry, not sorry (2018) is at once a call for justice for the Windrush generation and a reminder of the many things that have remain unchanged over the years, as the Caribbean continues to serve as a site of extraction and fantasy from whose labour the UK continues to profit.

One turn of the revolution brings us back to where we began; as UK Member of Parliament David Lammy (citing the late cultural theorist Stuart Hall) said, ‘we are still the sugar at the bottom of your British cup of tea’.


Black Audio Film Collective, Handsworth Songs, 1986. 16mm transferred to video, 59 min.

Alberta Whittle, Sorry, not sorry, 2018. HD video, 6 min.

Total running time: 65 min