Fall Inspiration from NAGB

Love the fall/ winter season? Love the colors, scents, and weather? NAGB has picked some of it’s top favorite Do-It-Yourself Home decor Crafts. Great for artists, parents, kids, and simply all who love crafts. Here are our favorite home decor craft ideas:

By carving out the center of apples or other appropriate vegetables/fruits and placing tea candles in them creates a fall inspired, natural and native look to room decor, as well as great scents and unique lighting!

By simply placing autumn leaves in lamp shade, we love the silhouette effect created!

Keep your wines on display? Or send them as gifts for season greetings? Simply using hemp to wrap leaves and twigs to bottle creates an elegant and appropriate design for the time of year!

By pasting leaves around outer walls of empty jar and placing candles inside creates a seasonal dim lighting for a room, and brings nature inside!

Love recycling? By using empty clean bottles, you can paint the outside of them with autumn colors and place flowers, twigs, leaves, etc, to create a low cost and eye catching table centerpiece.

Tired of an excess of empty chocolate and cookie containers or simply using them for storage after the holidays? Use them for wall decals! By purchasing ones with already appropriate fall outer designs or wrapping with fall inspired paper and by either hanging from a string or on a hook you can make these tins into attractive wall candle, picture, or decor shelves/holders.

We hope our favorites help brighten up your home and get your home fall ready!

Craft well, and design happily!

To all a seasons greetings from the NAGB !

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