Friday Artist Features: Margot Bethel

Every Friday we will be feeding you some goodness on our most beloved, most biggity, most Bahamian artists, to give the breadth and depth of our creative practitioners both here and in the diaspora. First up is one of our artists from the recent NE8 and all-around lovely soul, Margot.

She creates functional and object-based work that is often interactive and involves a sound component. A carpenter and builder by trade, Margot’s understanding of material is evident in her meticulous craftsmanship. Equally important is her considered interest in playfulness, myth-making and healing.

“I often use my art practice to contemplate and explore the things I instinctively wish to escape. Darkness is a counterintuitive window. Peering into the chaotic and ephemeral reveals a paradoxically ordered and cyclical nature embedded within.”

Her most recent work at the gallery, entitled “Portal: There’s a WHole in the Bucket” (2016) explored issues around womanhood and memory using mainly found and collected objects.

Margot Bethel portrait. All images courtesy of Dante Carrer.