Doongalik Studios will host the Book and CD Launch of Henry Davis’ “My Country, My Island Stories” on Sunday, November 22 from 3-5pm.

Henry Davis was born and raised in New Bight, Cat Island where he attended New Bight All Age School and Old Bight High School. The last son of sixteen (16) siblings, after graduating, Davis left Cat Island and relocated to Freeport, Grand Bahama where he currently resides.

The stories in Davis’ book are all real and reflect the exciting life he experienced growing up in Cat Island where he was used to going in the field, going fishing on the boat, catching crabs, shooting marbles, running from ‘sperid’ (ghost), rolling tires and trains, singing, and playing musical instruments.

Davis stated that in recent conversations with his three sons explaining what his childhood was like growing up on the island, he realized that they did not understand the unique life he had lived as a child, which, although challenging, was filled with many stories of value. “One of the primary purposes for writing my book was to convey our trek as a people from way back, our system as a country and our government. History, Culture, Religion and Love are some of the emotions you would experience and the book will awaken memories that to some may have been asleep for some time. To say you will laugh, I most certainly think so. To say you will cry or become emotional, I say yes!”

“While writing my book I found myself singing, and as a result of that, I wrote several songs based on the stories in the book, and a CD was also born which I recorded along with two of my wonderful lady friends. The music is in the traditional Cat Island singing style.” The music will be played at the Book Launch and Davis will be on hand to autograph his book.

For more information contact the gallery at 394-1886.