Hillside House Fundraiser ‘Pirates’ Republic: the 1690s’

Hillside House presents ‘Pirate’s Republic: The 1690’s’:

“The pirates ran their affairs using what was called the Pirate code, which was the basis of their claim that their rule of New Providence constituted a kind of republic. According to the code, the pirates ran their ships democratically, sharing plunder equally and selecting and deposing their captains by popular vote.”

For one day only.

Hillside House will display a selection of work by Antonius Roberts. These pieces are on loan from Pirate Republic Brewing Company.

In the spirit of the pirate code, we are taking care of our own and we invite you to help. Join us from 12-5pm Saturday, October 22nd. Stop by for a beer and bring anything you can to help those affected by hurricane Matthew. Share your plunder!

There will also be 5 never before seen Roberts sketches available for bid. Reserve price of $250. All proceeds donated to those affected by Hurricane Matthew