Master Artist Maxwell Taylor opens exhibition at Scarfone-Hartley Gallery

The University of Tampa Scarfone/Hartley Gallery will present an exhibition of woodcuts by nationally acclaimed Bahamian artist Maxwell Taylor.

Sixteen extraordinary woodcuts that include social, economic and political subjects will be on view. Taylor will be a visiting artist at the university creating a series of monoprints from February 15 to 26 and will be in conversation with Dr. Erica M. James on February 23. An open studios and gallery reception are set to take place on February 26 at 6 pm. See more about Scarfone/Hartley Gallery here.

Max Taylor’s Statement:

My interest is in strong subjects, especially, the downtrodden and human survival. It is a reality of life. Many people shun it or ignore it, but it exists. Many humans are constantly trying to unravel their lives, trying to find meaning. . . . I’m told that some people think my pictures show bitterness, but that is not how I see things. These are not pictures of persecuted or oppressed people. Coloured people can hurt and harm each other just as much, and more, as others hurt them. They are simply studies of nature of man and of the two persons in each of us. . .

The person we know and the other person we know nothing about. I’ve always been honest in what I dis, especially when it comes to my work: painting prints, and sculpture. Every piece is a conscious effort to put some feeling in them, whether the patron or viewer liked it or not. I do not work or express myself to please anyone. You like it, I appreciate it. You don’t like it, I appreciate it. Life goes on. . . But whether you like my work or not, there will always be my honest effort in expressing myself in it.