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Ganoid's and Madonnas: A Short Review of NAD Exhibition Two

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) and the Nassau Airport Development (NAD) have partnered to beautify the airport. The inaugural exhibition occurred in 2011, with February 2012 marking its second rotation. In charge of the project is Curatorial Assistant, Ashley Knowles, who curated 7 cabinets with the Curatorial team: Jackson Petit, Nastassia Pratt and Averia Wright. Each cabinet features works by different 3D artists.

Hoping to bring some diversity airport, Knowles intends to make a "call-for-artworks" for the September 2012 rotation encouraging all types of 3D artists to submit proposals. Knowles states, "I might have 14 cabinets in September, I am not too sure actually but I know that I want to push forward thinking that I do. I have submitted a proposal to further the collaboration between the NAGB and NAD, so there may be a big surprise coming soon- just wait and see! I'd also like to point out this project was alot of team work and was a big Curatorial effort." The public can expect and official call and press release to come out mid-May.

Cabinet 1, featuring "Ganoid" by Averia Wright and "Untitled Vase" by Denis Knight.

Cabinet 3 with artworks by Robin Hardy. All of his wood sculptures feature local wood such as guinep or sapodilla. 
Cabinet 2 featuring "Bahamian Madonna 1" and "Bahamian Madonna 2" sculpted women by artist, Joann Behagg.
Alternate view of Cabinet 2.
The first view, Cabinet 1 with artworks by Averia Wright and Denis Knight.
 Cabinet 2 featuring Bahamian Madonna's sculpted women by artist, Joann Behagg.
 Cabinet 5 featuring 3 amazing ceramic sculptures by artist, Imogene Walkine. Walkine is also featured in Cabinet 7.
Front view of Cabinet 4 with Botanical Vase and 2, 8 in. tiles by artist, Jessica Colebrooke.
Colebrooke is also featured in Cabinet 6, with 1 large rippled turtle and 2 baby turtles.

Alternate view of Cabinet 4 by artist, Jessica Colebrooke.
 Cabinet 5 featuring amazing ceramic sculptures by artist, Imogene Walkine.
 Alternate view of Cabinet 5 featuring sculptures by artist, Imogene Walkine.
 Cabinet 4 featuring wood sculptures by artist, Robin Hardy.

There will be upcoming opportunities for young artists to participate in the NAD Exhibition 3 rotation in September, 2012. Interested 3D artists can contact Ashley Knowles at