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Bahamian art: Presenting. Uniting. Educating.

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NAGB Intern: Jeron Pratt

NAGB Intern, Jeron Pratt

My name is Jeron Pratt. I attend St. Annes High School and I am in the twelfth grade. I had the great pleasure of volunteering and working alongside the NAGB team for my community service. My best friend, who had recently been volunteering, knew I studied art in school and thought it would be good if I had sought out to work at the NAGB. She gave me a call and I am so grateful that she did.

I found this opportunity very beneficial because now I am more open-minded about the art world and its many mysteries. To me, I would compare art to a tree with a variety of branches that makes it complex and interesting. During this experience, the NAGB has helped me to see the value of work while seeing the intense activities that goes on.

The gallery of paintings dedicated to Amos Ferguson, “Bahamian Outsider,” was a blast to view. I can truly say that he is my favorite artist. His artwork seems to bring out a multitude of different lives in the Bahamian world and our culture. It was attractive. It was also pleasing to actually capture what his intentions were for his paintings.

Seeing the immense artwork and collections in the gallery really gave me a new outlook on the arts. Now I feel as if art can be a part of my career for the future. This experience provided a good foundation for me to build on. My friend and I are coming out of this community service experience with positive vibes and many smiles. Thank you NAGB!

NAGB Intern, Jeron (in the purple) helps to set up the Beverages booth during the Membership Drive Fair.