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Mixed Media Blog

Don't Get Lost: New NAGB Symbols Explained

Very recently The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas installed a series of new navigational symbols on the Gallery walls, as well as in front of the Mixed Media Store. Our Chief Curator, John Cox, designed them to give guests a sense of direction in the Gallery, as our exhibition program has been changing rapidly in the past few months.

In today's post we will explain the purpose of each symbol, what it means in relation to our exhibitions, as well as it's physical location.

 Permanent Exhibition

This is one of the first symbols visitors will come across when entering the NAG B. This symbol represents the new Permanent Exhibition section of the Gallery and it is located on the first floor, right across from the Mixed Media Store.

The Permanent Exhibition program seeks to prominently display the NAGB's National Collection, as well as pieces from prominent Bahamian Art collectors. Exhibitions in this section will rotate constantly and may or may not entail an exhibition opening or notification. Currently, the historical exhibition, The Bahamian Landscape is located in the Permanent Exhibition.

Project Space

The Project Space (PS) Room is the second most prominent symbol on the first floor. The PS Room is located in the center of the Permanent Exhibition space.The most flexible space at the NAGB, the PS Room will contain interactive sections, small exhibitions or informal shows. It is the Gallery's hope that the PS Room will feature a variety of amateur or young artists and give exposure to a different side of Bahamian Art.

In the past, the PS Room has featured the Paint Like Amos interactive activity, as well as results from the Education Department's Photography Workshop with Scharad L. Lightbourne. Currently, the E. Clement Bethel National Arts exhibition entitled, The Essence of The Arts, is on display till October 28th, 2012.

Temporary Gallery One

Currently, the NAGB has two temporary gallery spaces where exhibitions will be rotated on often. The first, Temporary Gallery One (T1) is located on the second floor of the Gallery, in the former Ballroom. T1 currently houses the Amos Ferguson: Bahamian Outsider exhibition till October 28th, 2012. T1 is a special space as it can house a single exhibition or be part of a larger exhibition with T2.

Temporary Gallery Two

The Temporary Gallery Two (T2) is located on the second floor of the main building. This exhibition space is similar to T1 as it can also house a single show, but also contain part of a larger exhibition that encompasses T1 and T2. Currently, Amos Ferguson: Bahamian Outsider is in T2 till October 28th, 2012.

We hope that the new symbols will make your experience at the NAGB so much better.


Visit the NAGB today and feel free to send us a comment or email or write in our guest book! We look forward to hearing from you.