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Mixed Media Blog

Alessandro Sarno opens photographic exhibition

Holly Bynoe

Blue And Beyond is photographer Alessandro Sarno's first solo exhibition, inspired by his coffee table book of the same name, “Blue and Beyond”. A curated collection of moments he captured during his travels throughout the islands of The Bahamas, the exhibition features photographs from the book along with new captured images.

Born in Milano and raised in the beautiful countryside in the Italian province of Treviso, Sarno has always had a passion for travel.

“I mostly travel alone, and I love it, because it’s the only way I can completely open myself up to experience the places and the people I encounter along my way,” Sarno said.

Sarno’s first trip to The Bahamas in 2008 sparked a love for the country, its culture and people. Since then he has been returning to spend a few months every year. Before coming to The Bahamas, Sarno had never really owned a camera, nor taken pictures. He felt compelled to get one to capture the “hundred shades of blue of the sea”; his experiences with the local environment led him to seriously pursue the art of photography.

His practice focuses mainly on local people, landscape and wildlife, hoping to capture minute details he’s noticed on his travels.

Sarno’s photographs venture beyond the sea and beachscapes, shifting focus onto the scenes of everyday life. His work celebrates the freedom and simplicity of the islands.

His recently published "Blue And Beyond” depicts life in The Bahamas, hoping to inspire appreciation for the country’s natural beauty. He hopes that the book will inspire visitors to travel beyond Nassau, to explore the Family Islands. Some of his favorite images are “The Girl Who Dances With The Sea”, “The Girl In Her Sunday Dress” and “Old Lady Reading The Bible”, which tells the story of a woman who finds comfort in the Bible while her intoxicated husband is inside the house. Sarno is currently working on a new book dedicated to Cat Island and its people.

At Blue and Beyond, visitors will find a 39-photo collection of images that tell individual stories of life in the country. The exhibition will be on view at The Ladder Gallery at New Providence Community Centre, on Blake Road Thursday, February 11-28. An opening reception will be held at 6 p.m. on February 11, and the public is invited to attend. Following the show, Sarno’s work will be exclusively distributed by The Place For Art, at the Doongalik Studios compound on Village Road.

For more information on Sarno, visit his website or contact him via email at