NAGB closes for the passage of Hurricane Dorian

The NAGB will be closed on Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st in preparation for Hurricane Dorian. Regular gallery opening hours will resume on Tuesday, September 3rd with safe passage of the storm.

We would like to wish our public safe passage through the tempest. The NAGB sends all the prayers, rituals, good wishes, and good juju out to everyone as we all make our preparations for Hurricane Dorian across The Bahamas. We are also breathing a sigh of relief for our fellow Caribbean cousins for making it through.

What does a museum look like in the age of Climate Crisis?

Very often these discussions are centred on the experiences and opinions of Western powerhouses with their big histories. But what of us? Of smaller institutions who don’t have 50 years to consider? What of those of us in shallow waters rising who are enduring increasingly more apocalyptic hurricane seasons and damage without chance of proper recovery?

Stay safe bredren, sistren, and all in between. Let’s hope for a good hurricane season and be prepared for all worst case scenarios.

With love