Open Call for Submissions: Telling Yinna Stories

The NAGB invites creative and art writers and critics to submit to tell your stories by joining our expanding writing cohort through an open submission process called “Telling Yinna Stories”. The NAGB aims to be a comprehensive platform welcoming multiple voices that will lend to the expansion of our narratives and development of more comprehensive, inclusive scholarship, critical analysis and various readings around the growing National Collection, your collection.

This opportunity would afford art writing development opportunities, rejuvenating the creative ecology by lending voices continuing the extensive and robust history of critical writing that our we have come to learn ourselves and to enjoy.

The NAGB is asking for entries from those who might be unlikely, those off the beaten path and who may be finding a new way to think about their culture, histories, presents and futures. Up to five writers will be brought on with a modest stipend to develop essays, exposés, other informal writings and interviews or reviews for the Weekly Nassau Guardian Arts and Culture segment, the NAGB website, database and if applicable, supported on view in our gallery spaces.

Please send all submissions to [email protected] with the subject line:  “Telling Yinna Stories”.

All applications should be sent with a 200-word biography and a 300-word statement on the intention of your submission.

Applicants are allowed to submit up to three pieces of writing.

Applications must be submitted in word doc format.

The application deadline is Friday, June 28th, 2019