Professional Artist 101

By Averia Wright
What does it mean to be a professional artist?

Working at The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB)* we often have persons come in, asking to rent gallery space for exhibitions and how does one get their work in the NAGB. This shows us that there is a gap in the education between being taught art at your local high school or for persons just delving into their art for the first time, to becoming a professional artist. This new series, Professional Artist 101 will help with those looking to make that transition and will be a monthly article with tips and pointers, like who is a professional artist, how to establish a network or get into the art community, how to exhibit your work and how to eventually get your works in a prominent space like the NAGB.

Hard at work: Nastassia Pratt prepping to start a painting.

Persons often ask if they only work on Sunday or the weekend would they be considered an artist. In this aspect an artist works should not be judged by the time of the day or week they choose to work rather it is if your consistent, does the community know your working, when last has anyone seen your work has your work grown or changed? These are the things that should be considered rather than what day you choose to work. However a professional artist works and does not only work when inspiration strikes, or when they have the money for this specific thing, they make sacrifices and get the results they want.

As we delve into this more we will extend the full answer to this question so please leave a response and join the discussion.

*In British and Commonwealth usage, the word gallery alone implies a public gallery. The Bahamas having been a British colony adheres to this term of gallery rather than museum. The NAGB is not a commercial gallery.