Second Wood Artists’ Exhibition “Growth” To Open At Doongalik Studios

“Growth” the second group exhibition of works by wood artists Jeremy Delancy, David McGorrin, and Robin Hardy will open at Doongalik Studios on Sunday, February 28 from 3-6pm.

Inspired by the success of their “From Within” Exhibition last year, the artists have come together once again to showcase their fascination with this medium with a presentation of beautifully turned Bahamian wood items that can be functional, decorative or fanciful.

Delancy stated, “The name of our show is not only about the local woods that we use but also about our own growth as humans and as artists. Wood is an artistic medium unlike any other. In its grain we can see the forces of life, change, and adaptation that are at work all around us. As always the wood used is this show came from trees that were downed in storms or that were cut because they were ‘in the way’ of development. While most of the artwork will have been turned on a lathe, other processes such as dying, burning and staining have been used to make each piece unique and worthy of any art collection. Turning wood is a fascinating process and although you might start your piece with a particular end result in mind, the wood sometimes takes on a life of its own and might well turn into something completely different!”

Popular wood artist, Robin Hardy, will be set up daily on site with this lathe from the second week of the Exhibition to demonstrate the wood turning process, to instruct interested persons in how to turn their own pen, as well as showing them the difference of the various woods! This was a well-attended added feature at last year’s exhibition. The Exhibition will be on display until Wednesday, March 16.

For more information please contact the Gallery at 394-1886. Gallery hours are Monday – Wednesday from 10am – 4pm and Saturdays from 9am – 1pm.