The Chan Pratt Foundation presents #ArtIsLife

On the evening of June 18, 2016 The Chan Pratt Foundation will host its second art show with the purpose of promoting young Bahamian artists.The #ArtIsLife exhibition will feature the works of the art students of The College of The Bahamas’ Pro Society.

Initially planned as a thank-you for the students who volunteered and the Foundation’s launch in October, this event is poised to set the tone for the start of a relationship between the Chan Pratt Foundation and The College of The Bahamas. Now with the Chan Pratt Art Endowment Fund in place at the College of the Bahamas, it is the Foundation’s intent to raise funds for the endowment through such art shows while simultaneously providing exposure for the future artists.

Realizing the reach and impact of social media, The Chan Pratt Foundation intends to appeal to younger collectors with the #ArtIsLife exhibition’s social media theme. Artists will be individually featured on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook while ,at the exhibition, their artwork will be framed with customized Instagram cutouts containing information on the artist and his/her piece. In addition to the featured artwork, there will be a community painting headlined by renowned Bahamian artist, Allan Wallace, where guests can donate to be able to paint alongside the famed “Salt Artist.”

Keeping in line with its mission, The Chan Pratt Foundation seeks to preserve the legacy of the late artist through art and education with events such as this where young art students will help raise money for the a scholarship which will benefit future art students.

With the endowment fund set up at The College of The Bahamas, the Foundation’s goal is to now raise $100,000 which will in turn fund the scholarship annually. Nonetheless, The Chan Pratt Foundation remains committed to engaging the general public and art community in providing opportunity for future generations of artists.

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