Third Wood Turners’ Show Opens April 8th at Doongalik

The third annual wood turners’ show will open on the 8th April, 2017 at Doongalik Studios Art Gallery, #20 Village Road, from 3pmto 7pm.

Fish by David McGorrin.

This year’s show entitled “Branching Out” demonstrates these artists’ ability to explore new techniques, forms and functions of their preferred medium: wood.  David McGorrin, Robin Hardy and Jeremy Delancy have over forty years’ experience in woodworking, and are well known for producing artworks that are timeless.

Glasses by Jeremy Delancy.

Jeremy Delancy, the organizer of the event, stated: “This show will have something of interest for everyone.  I am sure that people who have been to our previous two shows will be just as impressed as those who will be coming for the first time.”

Table by Robin Hardy.

‘Branching Out’ was a part of the recent Transforming Spaces Art Tour and was very well received. The exhibition will be on display at Doongalik for the entire month of April. Contact the gallery at 394-1886 for more information.