Undefined, new works by Jodi Minnis

Jodi Minnis investigates and challenges doctrines, principles and life experiences that shaped her maturity. Being born on a Bahamian island, moulded in femininity, and carved by Christian doctrine, she reflects on these things and uses her work to question their impact on her life. Through a variety of media, Minnis hopes to understand what it means to be a young Bahamian woman.

For Undefined, Minnis investigated her present circumstances and conditioning and stripped them apart. Carefully considering every decision made to unearth a definition of self, Minnis produced these abstractions. Working on about ten (10) pieces at a time, the work manifested as a vehicle for change and rebuilding of her consciousness. Bit by bit, a sense of self was restored. A sense of placement, purpose, Undefined references the ever-changing idea of self that is eminent with growth.