Up next, Matthew Pinder’s ‘Give Me Some Time’

Baha Mar’s Current Gallery and Art Centre hosts album release party for Pinder’s latest body of work

By Kevanté A.C. Cash

NAGB Correspondent

On the heels of his rise to wider recognition and fame, Bahamian indie-folk artist Matthew Pinder is creating a space for himself in both the musical and visual art worlds in The Bahamas. Using Baha Mar’s The Current Gallery and Art Centre as a venue to host the album release party for his sophomore anthology, Pinder asks that you give him some time to get his thoughts all out; to be heard and understood from a perspective outside one’s own.

“Give Me Some Time”—a 10-track compilation permeated with heartache and soul—comes just 13 months after the publication of his debut album “Too Young To Understand,” and the passing of his mother some seven months ago.

‘Give Me Some Time’ album release image by Tony Williams Media, (2019).

He is not quite sure if he wants this body of work to do some saving—the saving of lives, that is—but he does hope that people take the time to listen.

“I guess the main message of the album comes from a place of uncertainty: ‘I need some time; please give me some time,’—these are thoughts I had quite often. I write about relationships with others, but also about the relationship I have with myself and my mind. I didn’t have something I was trying to necessarily teach the listener. I just want listeners to feel the honesty that I tried to put forth. I don’t know what that will do for people, maybe it will help in some way, or maybe it will just be music. I just hope it all means something to the listener that they make their own meanings out of the songs,” Pinder says.

Portraiture of Matthew Pinder. Image courtesy of artist (2018).

Though the album was released earlier in the year on April 12th, he wanted to give listeners the opportunity to hear it in its fullness, replay and marinate on its meaning before gathering with him to celebrate another milestone in his career on May 4th.

Of the turn of events on that evening, Pinder says: “It was incredible. I knew we had sold all 100 tickets, but I still couldn’t be sure if all of the people that bought tickets would show up. Bahamian audiences are fickle, so I really didn’t know what to expect until the night of the show. The size of the crowd was shocking and exciting. I think I was most excited to play with the full band and to sing with the musicians that I had brought in from the States. It was just so much fun to collaborate with everyone. It was a special night.” 

Matthew Pinder performing alongside Judah Tha Lion at last month’s SoundWaves event at Pirate’s Republic. Image taken by Tony Williams Media, (2019).

As he basks in the surrealness of the evening, he reflects on the song list of the album. Though “Golden Hour, ”released in January of this year, is a fan favourite, it appears to be one of his favourites of the 10 as well.  

He adds: “I remember being in the studio and creating the bones of the track and my producer, Chris Jacobie, basically saying, “We’ve got something here”. So yeah, I’m really glad that “Golden Hour” seems to resonate with so many people. Other than that, “Before the Fall” and “After the Fall” are important songs to me. They just came out of pretty intense moments, so they’ll always mean a lot to me. Also, Judah Tha Lion lends some pretty epic background vocals to “Before the Fall” which I like a lot.” 

He says collaborating with reggae and soul artist Judah Tha Lion was a major highlight during the time of production for this album. He hopes to collaborate with other Bahamian artists outside of his genre like Von Trap sometime in the future as well to create interesting acoustics. Songwriters he has been wishing to work with include: Noah Gundersen, Brandon Flowers, Covey, and William Wild. He’s patient about his journey and is trusting he will get to sit among the greats someday.

‘Give Me Some Time’ album release image by Tony Williams Media, (2019).

These days, Pinder is steady trying to elevate himself.

“I’m trying to go bigger,” he explains. “I’m trying to get out of here. I’m aiming to apply for an artist visa and to perform in the US. I’d love to go to Europe too; truly, I’d go anywhere. I just want to widen my audience. I’m extremely grateful for the love and support I’ve received here with the kind of music I do, but it’s a wide world, and I want to go further than Nassau.” 

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) joins with The Current Gallery and Art Centre in support of Matthew Pinder in all of his endeavours as he aims for greater on the pursuit of success. “Give Me Some Time: can be purchased on audio streaming services iTunes and Spotify.  

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