Virtual Summer Programme

NAGB Virtual Summer Programme
July 13th – 24th, 2020

During the month of July, the NAGB welcomed 142 children, ages 5-17 years, to our FREE Virtual Summer Programme, “Planet eARTh”. Live virtual art lessons with experienced art educators were hosted on the museum’s Youtube channel, allowing participants to ask and receive answers in real time. Art lessons were customised for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners, with each group having designated “tune in” times to access their lessons. Participants were invited to share their creations, which are showcased in the virtual exhibition and slideshow below.

Art Activities
Beginners – Week 1
Instructors: Katrina Cartwright, Jasmine Chipman, Amaani Hepburn

Intermediate – Week 1
Instructors: Richardo Barrett, Jodi Minnis, Matthew Rahming

Beginners – Week 2
Instructors: Katrina Cartwright, Zearier Munroe-Wilkinson, Oceana Van Hagen

Intermediate – Week 2
Instructors: Minolta Butler, Cydne Coleby, Blake Fox, Matthew Rahming

Advanced – Week 1
Instructors: Zearier Munroe-Wilkinson, Charlthorn Strachan, Angelika Wallace- Whitfield, Natalie Willis

Advanced – Week 2
Instructors: Blake Fox, Tessa Whitehead, Christina Wong .

Student Virtual Exhibition

The Student Virtual Exhibition above may take a while to load, depending on your internet and computer speeds.

It is best viewed on a computer web browser, as opposed to on a mobile device. You may also find that the virtual exhibition is faster to load on the Google Chrome web browser.

To view the Student Virtual Exhibition on Artsteps, click here.

We hope that you enjoy!

Student Exhibition Slideshow

A special thank you to the Central Bank of The Bahamas, whose support allowed the NAGB to distribute 50 art supply packages to summer programme participants.