Women’s Wednesdays: Group Discussion- Women & Sex

#WomensWednesdays highlights Bahamian women and our experiences in The Bahamas, specific to our identities including gender, race, sexuality, age, and ability. Held once per month at minimum, the events will draw women together to have conversations that bring our individual lives into focus while connecting to family, community, and national narratives. 

#WomensWednesdays intentionally centers and prioritizes women and girls, and is open to the public through in-person events, livestreams, and social media activity. It is a collaborative effort of Equality Bahamas and the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas to create a safe space for knowledge-building, idea-sharing, critical dialogue, and movement-building.

The Women & Sex discussion centers women’s health, focusing on care for the body, negotiating use of contraception, the definition and practice of consent, and ways to talk to young people about sex. Questions framing the conversation include:

-How do we take care of our bodies?

-What steps do we need to take before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner?

-How can we talk to our partners about contraception?

-What is consent, and how can we practice it in our everyday lives?

-WHow can we talk to young people about sex?

-Why does sex seem to be a forbidden topic for women?

-How can we build a sex-positive culture?