The Blank Canvas: October 26th, 2016

On this week’s Blank Canvas, host Amanda Coulson speaks to three experts on how to engage children in the arts: Lekeisha Bostwick,   Secretary to the E. Clement Bethel National Arts Festival (under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture), and the NAGB’s most-frequent visitors 13 and under : Rashad and Valente Styles, aged 10 and 13 respectively.

Ms. Bostwick speaks about the community outreach aspect of the festival, where tours adjudicators on the inhabited family islands, are encouraged to participate in the performing, musical and fine arts. She also highlights upcoming changes to the platform and how best to assist teachers and students alike in reaching their goals.

Rashad and Valente Styles, who spend a lot of time after school at the NAGB (always free for children!), talk about what art classes are like at their school, why they like visiting the NAGB and what they would like to see more of to give them the facility to engage with artistic practise and process.

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