Frequently Asked Questions

For the General Public

Is there parking at the museum?

Yes, we offer free parking on site.

Do exhibitions travel to the Family Islands or abroad?

The museum has arranged traveling exhibitions in partnership with institutions abroad and annually travels exhibitions across the Family Islands.

Why is there a cost for workshops?

The workshop charge contributes to defraying the cost of retaining the instructor and for workshop supplies, which are not included in our annual allocated budget.

What amenities does the museum provide and how accessible is the building?

The site provides 24-hour security and safe parking. Wi-Fi is also available for our visitors. The NAGB is one of the few buildings in Downtown Nassau that is fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

For Artists

How do I get my work exhibited at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas?

All work exhibited at the museum is selected by curators for specific exhibitions. If you wish to introduce your work to the curators, you may send an email to [email protected] containing samples of your work, a resumé, and contact information for review by the curatorial team. This does not guarantee a response from the curatorial team.

Can I rent the facilities for a personal art exhibition?

No. You may rent the facilities for personal events like weddings, anniversaries, and corporate events.
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Can the NAGB evaluate my work?

No. The NAGB does not appraise or evaluate artwork.

How can I get my work into the National Collection?

The NAGB accepts artworks into the collection on the recommendation of its acquisitions committee. The artwork may be acquired by various means, such as gift, grant, deed, or purchase.

For Collectors

Is work for sale at the museum?

Despite our name, the NAGB is a museum, not a commercial gallery. The work on display is not for sale. On some occassions, an artist or their estate may be contacted with an inquiry and the NGAB may facilitate the exchange.

How would I go about donating a piece to the museum?

Donations are reviewed through the same process as all forms of acquisitions. Potential donors are asked to contact the Chief Curator and/or Director who will gather the information and discuss the potential of the work with the Acquisitions Committee. The committee will decide whether to accept the work into the collection and the terms.