Mural Programme

The NAGB Mural Programme brings artists and communities together in the creation of amazing art.

The NAGB Mural Programme is one of several NAGB outreach initiatives that bring artists and communities together in the creation of amazing art. Beyond creating wonderful public works, the Mural Programme, increases the NAGB’s presence beyond our gallery walls while also fostering an awareness and knowledge of the NAGB’s National Collection. In the modern context, murals serve as a visual stimulus and as vehicles of community and institutional transformation. Where there are murals, there is colour, there is a tale, there is memory. Makers are both members of the NAGB team and professional artists beyond our walls. It serves as inspiration for hundreds of young people and as creative fuel for the participating artists.

Are you an artist, community member, club or business that is interested in doing a community mural? Would you like us to bring a community mural to your neighbourhood? Tell us more about yourself by contacting our Community Outreach Officer at [email protected] or call 328-5800.


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“I think it’s time for Bahamians to really understand the depth and complexity of their own history. Bahamian culture and identity may not be something that can be articulated in precise ways because it is a prismatic identity. It’s not singular, and we need to understand the complexity of that.”

— Dr. Erica M. James, Art Historian and Curator