The NAGB has a free public art library on-site, a great place to discover rare books on local history.

The NAGB library is a comprehensive collection of books, journals, articles, films and even old newspapers. The collection of over 2,500 publications is a great educational and informational resource for teachers, students and historians, as well as art lovers and enthusiasts. Our library has titles ranging from “Goya, Truth and Fantasy: The Small Paintings” to “Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art” and covers a wide variety of topics in between, including the economics of art, art education, new perspectives in photography, colonialism, Junkanoo and many more. You might also find some surprising and uncommon information about Bahamian artists and art history!

Phone: (242) 328-5800/1
Email: [email protected]

How to reserve a publication:

  • Click the button above
  • Search for the item that you are interested in.
  • Click “Place Hold” and enter your password. You can also get more information by hitting the “Ask About This” button.
  • Receive a confirmation email with a date and time frame to pick up.

If the publication you’re looking for is not in our library, send us an email so we can add it! Contact the education team at [email protected] for assistance.