The Blank Canvas, November 2nd featuring Chantal e.y. Bethel

Grand Bahamian artist Chantal E.Y. Bethel is the guest on this week’s Blank Canvas, with host Amanda Coulson.

Chantal tells us about her journey in discovering and nurturing her artistic talents and how she finally achieved national and international recognition (her work is part of the prestigious collection at the Center Waterloo Centre for the Arts in Iowa), through dedication and commitment to her passion, leaving a tradition career for one in the arts.

From the exhibition at the D’Aguilar Art Foundation in 2011, “Poto Mitan,” commemorating the earthquake in Haiti, to her beautiful gem-like exhibition now on show in The PS Room of the NAGB entitled “Holey Space,” which deals with the tragic loss of the Taino culture, Bethel turns to art as a form of communal healing to recover from past traumas. Proceeds from the sale of her catalogue for “Holey Space” will go directly towards Hurricane relief efforts on Grand Bahama.

Mrs. Bethel is not only one of the second city’s most established artists but a vocal advocate and important partner in the NAGB’s plans for expansion to the first of what we hope will be several Family Islands institutions with the planned NAGB: GB (National Art Gallery of The Bahamas: Grand Bahama).

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