The Blank Canvas: Feb 15 with Keisha Oliver and Lowree Tynes

Two more participating artists from the NE8, currently on at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, join Amanda on “Blank Canvas” tonight. 

Keisha Oliver, a photographer, writer, and  lecturer at University of The Bahamas discusses her piece “Porch Conversations,” which is photography based but is represented in the show as an installation. Occupying an entire small room, the walls are covered with images shot in certain neighbourhoods in New Providence and portray porches and the details of the historic style homes that had porches. A crate positioned in a corner could be used as a chair—as is the case on many porches—but this one emits recorded conversations, captured on the artist’s pedestrian travels through these districts. Keisha is recording and archiving a style of living which we see fading, and the project tackles issues of connectivity, cities, urban space, and crime.

Lowree Tynes joins us via telephone from Abaco where she resides, though she originates from Long Island. Her piece—entitled “All is not Lost, as We Sew Our Lives Back Together, Our Memories Remain in our Hearts” —is a mixed media work comprised of a quilt made out of plaited straw (her aunt’s work), fabric and salvaged photographs, which represent all that remained of her grandmother’s house and possessions after the passing of Hurricane Joaquin through Long Island. The piece, like Keisha’s, also speaks to memory and the recording and saving of the past.

Both artists’ works are on view at the OFFsite space for the NE8, at Hillside House on Cumberland Street. Tune in to Guardian Talk Radio at 6:30 to listen to their practices.