The Blank Canvas: Feb 22nd, 2017 featuring Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett, Jason Evans and Dr. Michael Pateman

On tonight’s “Blank Canvas,” our host is joined by three Bahamians in the studio discussing various aspects of history and how it is addressed through different artistic practices.

Dr. Michael Pateman (far left) from the AMMC (Antiquities Monuments and Museums Corporation) joins us to discuss the special screening tonight, at the Galleria Cinemas at the Mall at Marathon, of the rediscovered and recently restored 1913 black-and-white film “Lime Kiln Club Field Day,” starring the Bahamian-American actor, Bert Williams, who was far ahead of his time, breaking racial barriers in show business in the early 20th century.

Speaking about his film, an animated artwork on show at The Pro Gallery at University of The Bahamas is the artist Javan (Jason Evans, middle), whose piece, “The Making of a Slave” is based on the alleged speech given by a character named Willie Lynch in 1712. The work speaks to how slavery intentionally forced a particular way of thinking onto the society that created a mindset that we still find amongst ourselves, a topic often touched upon by Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett (far right), an associate professor at University of The Bahamas, in his writings.

Dr. Bethell-Bennett regularly brings UB students to the NAGB to use artworks as examples in his Cultural Studies classes, and all guests join in this discussion as to how art can form and perpetuate ideas of racial stereotypes or identities or, indeed, break them.

The “Blank Canvas” is hosted by Amanda Coulson, Director of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, and airs every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Guardian Talk Radio 96.9 FM