Building Community Effort: The NAGB Sculpture Garden unfolds with assistance from Rotary Club of East Nassau

After many years of discussion and a solid year of hard work and collective effort, the NAGB Sculpture Garden moved closer to becoming downtown’s native plant park and preserve, on Saturday, March 24, 2017.

1.     Rotarians posing for a group picture after a morning of hard work

Thanks to the Rotary Club of East Nassau, who volunteered their time, generously and joyfully, rubbish was removed, new historical objects were found, and dozens of plants made their new home in the garden.

With the vision and commitment of our institutional partner, The Bahamas National Trust, Mark Daniels led the Rotarians through and to visible results. What began as an empty space, was filled with indigenous plant varieties, propagated at the Leon Levy Preserve in Eleuthera. These plants will, in time, blossom into mature trees and other flora, thanks to the work of these awesome volunteers.

2. Rotarians hard at work in the garden

In addition, a section of the garden, reserved for a community farm, an ode to the historic use of that portion of the property, will continue to generate good will and delicious, healthy treats for our West Hill and West Street neighbors to enjoy.

Much like the genesis of the NAGB Sculpture Garden, the Rotary Club of East Nassau volunteer day as organized by Club President Diane DeWitt and her team, was assisted by generous contributions from partners and friends: Green Systems, which provided compost; Camperdown Riding Club, which offered fertilizer; and Bahamas Waste for providing a free green dumpster to carry away the debris.

What began as a space dedicated to community healing –  it is after all the site of the first African hospital in Nassau – that deteriorated into unsafe grounds, is now, thanks to community efforts, being transformed into a place of great joy and beauty – for all.