Blank Canvas: October 18th, 2017, Averia Wright and Spurgeonique Morley

Returning to “Blank Canvas” are two young Bahamian artists who, until now, have been known as ceramicists. Averia Wright, completed her BFA in Ceramics at the University of Tampa, returned home to work at the NAGB for 4 years as an Assistant Curator, and is now completing her masters (MFA) in “Expanded Practice” at Ohio University. Spurgeonique Morley received a BA in Art Education from UB and was one of the first year of graduates under the newly-formed university. As a practicing artist she has presented at the NAGB, in Transforming Spaces and at Hillside House, among other locations.

Both artists have been asked to collaborate on a fascinating exhibition taking place at The Island House, where a selection of artists have been engaged to intervene in the public spaces of the hotel environment with their video work. The show “My Dreams Aren’t your Dreams” examines the idea of artist as “trickster” and attempts to reclaim the myth of the Caribbean.

Spurgeonique and Averia speak to their journey of expanding from ceramics to film and animation and the challenge of working on the upcoming show. “My Dreams Aren’t Your Dreams,” featuring their work and the work of Heino Schmid, Tessa Whitehead and visiting artist-in-residence, David Gumbs, is for one-night only on October 19th at the Island House at 6 p.m.

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