Blank Canvas: October 17, 2018, Janice Hall and Jarette Stubbs

Tonight on Blank Canvas, it is all about educators! Guest host NAGB Education Officer Katrina Cartwright is joined by Janice Hall, art teacher at T.G. Glover Primary and Jarette Stubbs, art education major at the University of The Bahamas. They discuss the impact several of the NAGB’s education and outreach initiatives have had on them professionally and highlight the importance of educators having access to the kinds of resources provided by national institutions like the NAGB.

Hall reminisces on her experience with the NAGB during her time in Eleuthera, when the travelling exhibition was taken there in 2015 and most recently, in early 2018. Both she and Stubbs emphasize the importance of professional development for educators and advocate for integrated learning, which is the focus of the NAGB’s quarterly Teachers’ Seminars

The next Teachers’ Seminar focuses on integrating art and literature and will be held at the NAGB this Saturday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. This is a unique opportunity for educators and registration is still open!

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