Blank Canvas: October 3, 2018, “POTCAKE” artists and Kim Aranha

On today’s Blank Canvas we pay homage to the “POTCAKE”, the latest show in the NAGB’s project space (or PS Room) and one of our Bahamian cultural icons. NAGB curators conceived an Open Call in order to both cast a wider net to meet new artists and to bring attention to our ubiquitous Royal Bahamian breed.

Twenty-three artists are currently showcasing work in the exhibition, three of whom join us this evening, along with Bahamas Humane Society (BHS) president, Kim Aranha (second from left), also a founding Board member of the NAGB, who speaks to the role of the BHS in making our country safer and cleaner by spaying and neutering. She also highlights the extraordinary intelligence and trainability of our Royal Bahamian potcake.

Artists Dahar Butler, designer and illustrator (far left), George Robinson, video editor and filmmaker (far right) and Thomas Hairston, visual artist (second from right) all speak about their own art forms (illustration/graphic design, filmmaking, and painting/drawing), how they got started and what their practise means to them. They also talk about why they were compelled to send in work for the “POTCAKE” show.

The NAGB will be hosting a special workshop for all ages on Saturday, October 13th, along with an adoption drive by the BHS, where all participants can meet the dogs and create artwork based on their experience and—if they wish—take one home with them!

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